Working President:  To be filled. The first Working President was Late Jean-Aymon Massie.

Secretary-General & Treasurer: Dr. Naceur Bourenane, Formerly staff of the African Development Bank is a socio-economist, finance sector expert, researcher and speaker who had initiated pan African consultative work relating to corporate governance and is closely involved with strengthening DFIs and SOEs internationally.

Founder President:

Dr.Y.R.K.Reddy, an International advisor in corporate governance whose work spans about 40 countries, had worked on corporate governance norms and capacity for SOE since 1997 and was an Independent Director, author and distinguished Chair Professor of Strategic Management.

Hony. Advisory Council:

Mr. W. Richard Frederick, formerly with the OECD and IFAC and now an international advisor, was educated at INSEAD and Yale. He was among the main architects of the 1999 OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and has worked extensively with international agencies, NGOs and SOEs to improve governance practices.

Ms. Angela Gillibrand, a finance and corporate governance expert educated at Oxford and INSEAD, was Finance Director at UK NIREX and Member on Boards of the Rural Payments Agency and NHS Foundation Trust. She continues to be involved with housing entities, healthcare bodies and property development.

Mr. Ron Hamilton, Director & Principal, The Boardroom Practice Ltd Auckland has also been a consultant dealing with government ownership issues and reforms for the World Bank & ADB particularly in Europe and Asia and was at the Crown Company Monitoring Advisory Unit, New Zealand for several years.

Dr. Jomo K.S, leading development economist, public intellectual and author was former Asst Secretary-General at the UN; founder chair of International Development Economics Associates (IDEAs); and Board member of the UN Research Institute for Social Development, Geneva; and a recipient of the Wassily Leontief Prize in 2007.

Prof.Vladimir Popov, is an International Advisor at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the U.N; Professor Emeritus, New Economic School & Professor, Graduate School of International Business, Moscow and Adjunct Professor at the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies in Carleton University, Ottawa.